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Allow me to introduce myself

I am a man whose present circumstances are causing him to re-evaluate the worth of his sacrifices and accomplishments to date, and to question his belief in the power of hard work and a good education.

It is said that a belief in God provides comfort to the faithful in their times of need. For me, my comfort was a picture of a life with the financial stability to do and buy the things I want, rather than limiting myself to what I need.

Education was to be my path out of poverty and I endured a soul-crushing campaign of bullying at both primary and secondary school, all the while telling myself that I need to play the long game and concentrate on doing well. Success would mean the end of just surviving.

The time I can look back on as having some measure of financial stability I was doing a job that had no prospects for promotion, working in a context where I often felt marginalized, and occasionally having to negotiate my humanity. Each time I question my decision to improve my situation with further education, the bitterness wells up inside me, for I cannot help but notice the irony in my present intermittent feelings of marginalisation.


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  1. No doom and gloom eh? lol Well, I hate when people say look on the bright side” so i won’t. Like Celie said in color purple, slightly redux-ed: I may be marginalized, dehumanized, abused and/or neglected by a system I’ve subscribed to and sacrificed a great deal of time and energy in honor of… but dear god, I’m here!
    Looking forward to taking this ride with you Hombre! Congrats on your new blog! Make us proud! We’ll show them… You wait and see!

    August 8, 2010 at 4:10 am

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