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Apparently civil servants have been told to stop working on the Foreign Office’s Annual Report on Human Rights, which points out instances of torture and oppression, monitors use of the death penalty, and functions as a guide to which countries it is ethical to trade with.

A Foreign Office source said a huge amount of effort went into the report each year, with some embassy staff spending months uncovering atrocities. He said the team had been told the future of the study was “under review” and staff had been asked to “hold fire on it”. He added: “The word has already gone out to the embassies that we need to concentrate on trade. It’s not surprising, but it’s very sad.”

It’s one thing to concentrate on trade, but unless the government actively encourages a switch to the use of reports from human rights organisations, this move sends a message that human rights are low on the agenda for the new government…

Heh, plus ca change…

And I had to chuckle at David Miliband weighing in, given some of the chaumurky that went on under the Labour government.


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