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The equality “landmine”

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this reaction by Fraser Nelson at The Spectator to the grilling of Treasury minister Mark Hoban over the “fairness” of the austerity budget.

As you may already know, Theresa May wrote to the Chancellor before the announcement of the emergency budget to urge him to take steps  to comply with a legal requirement to show that impacts on vulnerable groups like women and ethnic minorities have been considered.

Hoban dodging the question is evidence that her advice was ignored, which I find a little puzzling considering the broad support for the bill that became law.

Anyway, back to my beef: even if the requirement is a cynical trap for reforming governments I picked up the vibe that we shouldn’t be concerned about the impact of measures on vulnerable groups. Or that the effect of policy on peoples’ lives is less important than sticking it to Nu-Labour.


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