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Oh, do be quiet

There isn’t much more I can add to this:

The government wants to add two new rules to offshore oil drilling. One says that offshore oil rigs need to have a spill contingency plan and practice it, and the other is about bore hole cement, maintenance and blowout protectors. Here’s the response from industry shills:

“We cannot have an approval process that creates unpredictable delays that could place at risk the flow of domestic energy in our country,” […]

“While the ongoing important investigations into the Gulf accident are necessary and may lead to new safety measures, requiring industry to navigate a tangled web of new regulations will only lead to increased uncertainty for businesses and consumers and less investment in America’s vast resources in the Gulf”[…]

Imagine if an airline said something like that after, say, the new crew rest rules that came about after last year’s Colgan Air crash in Buffalo.

Sadly, I suspect an airline or two did. You’d think that the US government was doing this just to be difficult, the way oil industry people seem to be talking.


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