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How ’bout dem Leakers?

I’m pretty meh about Wikileaks, however as someone who believes in diplomacy, I do worry that this release of diplomatic cables will make it harder for officials to do their work. If I were, say a member of an opposition party in a country with a repressive regime, I may think twice about sharing my unfiltered opinions… Then I read things like this.

It appears, somewhat unsurprisingly, that the State Department did its best to obstruct investigations into the death of a Spanish cameraman, José Cuoso, killed in 2003 as a result of the mistaken shelling of Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel by a U.S. tank; an investigation into the torture of Spanish subjects held at Guantánamo; and a probe into the use of Spanish bases and airfields for extraordinary renditions flights.

It wouldn’t take a super-sleuth to have guessed that there would be some pressure from the U.S. to stop the investigations. However the articles quoted at the link detail a highly coordinated  effort.

I have no problem with this being made known to the Spanish and American publics. My first thought is that if this is being done in their names then the officials behind the moves should be happy to be accountable, right?

Is information, or The Truth, always good? Perhaps not, however as Digby writes in her excellent post on the media’s reactions to Wikileaks:

If you are a person who believes our current system is working well and that the mandarins, technocrats and their wealthy benefactors are competent and righteous and that we can safely leave our futures in their hands, then you will not like what Assange is up to. If, on the other hand, you are a teensy bit concerned that these elites might not know what they are doing (or even worse, might know very well what they are doing and it’s clearly not in your best interest) then you may find it useful to look at the way the world is organized with a fresh set of data.

I guess I can kiss my chances of a career in Her Majesty’s diplomatic service goodbye.


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