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Elections have consequences

I totally forgot that the Republican Party will take over leadership of the US House of Representatives. The 112th congress shall open with Rep. Goodlatte Bob Goodlatte leading a reading of the US Constitution.

Given the endless ridiculous investigations being planned by Darrell Issa, and the pledge to repeal healthcare legislation, I always expected the 112th congress to be a three-ring circus. If this interview of Goodlatte here is anything to go by, I shan’t be disappointed.

According to Goodlatte:

This historic and symbolic reading is long overdue and shows that the new majority in the house truly is dedicated to our constitution and the principles for which it stands.

Now I read this as alluding to a major contrast with the old majority – an arrogant insinuation at best. And the type of fumduckery that politicians get away with in the he-said-she-said style of reporting into which much of the US media has devolved. Pleased that the interviewer was having none of it.

As soon as O’Donnell asked Goodlatte about sitting Supreme Court Justices, I knew I was in for a giggle. I’m glad he got clowned, though it’s a pity the interview was on MSNBC. The Americans who voted for this fellow Goodlatte and his ilk need to know the kind of people they’ve put into their legislature.


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