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It’s been a while

Goodness me! It’s hard to believe that the last time I posted here was just over two weeks ago. I’ve been busy working on a few things for my friend, which I hope will soon  go up on his excellent blogs, Loco’s Patronus and Loco in Yokohama. I’ve also been occupied with preparations to take up a gig in India. It’s been a real roller-coaster getting to this point. I may write about it some time at the other vanity project when I’m in a better place. I still haven’t the mouth with which to tell the tale.


They deal in answers, but ask no questions

Just read an excellent, excellent post on arguments equating abortion with slavery.

If you do take the time to understand the intertwined history of abortion and slavery, it becomes painfully difficult to assert that abortion is wrong.  Because then you must defend the slaveholder who wanted the enslaved woman to birth that child so that he could enslave them both (even as he probably used religion and morality, rather than economics and labor, as his excuse and defense for why one shouldn’t turn to abortion).  Who would be willing to fault the enslaved woman who aborted her fetus because she didn’t want that child to be a slave?  Who would be willing to fault the enslaved woman who aborted her fetus because she physically could not bear the burden of labor and pregnancy?  Who would be willing to fault the enslaved woman who aborted her fetus as a punishment to the man who raped her, barely fed her, barely clothed her, denied her religion, denied her liberty, and whipped her when she worked too slowly, made a mistake, or attempted to flee?  Who would be willing to fault the enslaved woman who aborted her fetus to protect her life and to save the evils of her life from those of her child?  To include the history of enslaved women in the history of slavery and then compare that history to abortion is not easy.

It’s all too easy when you have no interest in the experience of a whole swathe of your co-citizens beyond how useful it is as a cudgel with which to beat your political opponents.

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Elections have consequences

I totally forgot that the Republican Party will take over leadership of the US House of Representatives. The 112th congress shall open with Rep. Goodlatte Bob Goodlatte leading a reading of the US Constitution.

Given the endless ridiculous investigations being planned by Darrell Issa, and the pledge to repeal healthcare legislation, I always expected the 112th congress to be a three-ring circus. If this interview of Goodlatte here is anything to go by, I shan’t be disappointed.

According to Goodlatte:

This historic and symbolic reading is long overdue and shows that the new majority in the house truly is dedicated to our constitution and the principles for which it stands.

Now I read this as alluding to a major contrast with the old majority – an arrogant insinuation at best. And the type of fumduckery that politicians get away with in the he-said-she-said style of reporting into which much of the US media has devolved. Pleased that the interviewer was having none of it.

As soon as O’Donnell asked Goodlatte about sitting Supreme Court Justices, I knew I was in for a giggle. I’m glad he got clowned, though it’s a pity the interview was on MSNBC. The Americans who voted for this fellow Goodlatte and his ilk need to know the kind of people they’ve put into their legislature.

John McCain crashes again

Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law passes the senate. My my, it feels as though been a little while since something I can get behind without misgivings has passed through US congress.

Quick thoughts:

I heard Joe Lieberman was instrumental in the success of this repeal. Obama’s long game paying off?

The repeal was originally attached to a defense spending bill, which was killed in the senate, made into a stand-alone bill which passed the house and now passed the senate. How’d the republican’s get away with killing a defense bill in wartime?

Just what is John McCain’s problem?

Siding with Sanity cont.

More thoughts on the Stewart-Maddow interview over at Umbrella Drinks and Metatron.

Siding with Sanity

Just caught an interesting interview of Jon Stewart by Rachel Maddow. Stewart is responding to the reception of his Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear from people who take issue with what they see as a false equivalence between the practices of the right and the left.

The full interview is up at Rachel Maddow’s site over at MSNBC, do give it a butcher’s. There are good discussions, including the problems with 24-hour television news, the FOX News model, and the left vs. right paradigm.

I don’t want to skew anyone’s perception too much, so I’ll put my own comments below the jump. (more…)